I work as a C++ developer for Teufel. By day I put the smarts into smart speakers. By night I put the cursed shit into whatever I feel like.

I typically work on projects based around audio and graphics programming, and tend to stick to compiled languages like C. C++ and Rust, where the types are strong and the compiler knows everything I don't.

Pretty much everything I do in my spare time is open source, and about half of it ends up on my Gitlab profile.

Pages in Software

HECC CTF and Recursive Python

Last week I had the pleasure of attending my first competitive Capture The Flag event (CTF). Along with my teammates, we competed in the HECC 2019 CTF in Southampton.
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Optimising the Fun out of Games

SEGFAULT spends her lunch break turning a pointless mobile game into a pointless programming challenge
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Devember '18 & Working with Big Projects

Flattened by a busy semester's workload, SEGFAULT devotes an entire month of her free time to working on a single software project: reverse engineering a raytracer made by the one and only Micha 'Scanlime' Scott. Is persistance the cure to burnout? Can SEGFAULT detangle the web of C++? Is graphics programming as fun as it looks‽ We will find out!
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