Feb 19

Posted on Thu 28 February 2019 in Devlogs

This post is part of my dev logs series. These articles are a compilation of fragments I write over a month about my work as I go. Therefore they are not as finely edited or deeply researched as my main articles, but a good deal more bloggy.


Optimising the fun out of games...

So I don't like admitting this, but I have been playing one of those cheaply produced android shovel ware games. This one caught my attention from the myriad of games on the app store because it was a calculator game. As a self described "serious geek" I couldn't help but check it out, so I installed it.

The game was OK, I guess. The fun wore off quickly and around level 15 I found myself stuck and bored with the game. I started jabbing combinations of buttons at random, and while idly clicking I had a realization. The level had 3 possible buttons and was limited to 3 moves; I could easily brute force this! I started writing out the possible move combinations on the back of my sandwich wrapper. See the full blog article on this for more!