int init(void *args[])

Posted on Mon 16 January 2017 in Blog • Tagged with Meta

This is the really awkward first post everyone put's on their blog when they've set it up, but haven't actually done anything interesting yet to write down. I'm gonna use this awkward silence to say: I hope to be posting updates a couple of times a week, but that's truly schedule dependent. The barrier to entry for writing this article once something interesting happens is pretty low so I shouldn't get too lazy about writing articles.

Topics you can expect:

  • C and Python programming experiences, with bonus content of me ranting about build environments. Seriously Python; How hard can it be?
  • Open source development updates.
  • Sneak peaks on closed source projects. They do exist.
  • Electronics design.
  • Random, vaguely artistic projects based in tech, that don't always make it onto Github.
  • Me fanboying over analogue audio synthesizers, and other random analogue equipment.
  • Other life and tech stuff.

return 0;