Vintage Parts Trading

Help me restore and preserve old computers, and give them a new life with loving owners as part of the Berlin vintage computing comunity.

Below are lists of parts I am looking for to restore, or use in restorations, and a list of restored machines I do not have the space to love anymore.

If you are intestested in anything below, or have anything else that you think is interesting to work on (including functioning machines) please email me at

Wanted Parts

Item Details How Long I Need It
SGI Elan GPU GPU Board Stack for SGI Indigo 2 (non Impact) Debugging Loan
PowerMac G5 CD's Original installation media for PowerMac Early 2005 Perminent
Monochrome CRT A monitor with MGA or VGA input, Serial Terminals too Perminent

Wanted Systems

None Right Now

Looking for a New Home

Item Price Location / Shipping
None Right Now